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This program starts on January 31st, 2022

The transformation towards empowerment is best done together with your team. The price of 1.500€ is for one person. For every additional team member getting access to the program & empowerment, it is 500€.


Contact us at murielle@qileader.com if you want a personalized program with keynote, workshops, intervision and/or coaching.

6 modules to increase your team's impact, balance & agility in digital, fast & uncertain times. 

An assessment: To measure your team's empowerment score, your strengths & gaps and your psycho-social risk factor.

LIVE: 3 coaching and sharing sessions

LIVE: Live workshop at Solvay Brussels School

A certificate from Solvay Brussels School of management

Bonus 1: The podcast version to optimize your time

Bonus 2: 5-day challenge from overwhelmed to focused QiLeader

Bonus 3: A special offer for the online course Leading authentically in digital times.

Extra bonuses for this launch!

Bonus TEAM (over 5 people):  Contact us for a specially designed in-company program with keynote, workshop, access to programme, group coaching.

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Leading through empowerment programme

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