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Invest in Your Own Team Leadership

The journey to exceptional team leadership begins with a single step. Enrol in the "Leading Through Empowerment" program for an investment of €2,500


Empower Together and Save

Team leadership is about growing together. When you enrol as a team, each additional member can join for just €500. More than a discount; this is an opportunity to foster a real culture of empowerment within your team.

What's included?

6 modules to increase your team's impact, balance & agility in digital, fast & uncertain times. 

An assessment: To measure your team's empowerment score, your strengths & gaps and your psycho-social risk factor.

LIVE: 3 onsite workshop and one 1:1 online coaching session

Not Sure Yet? Let's Talk!

If the program intrigues you but you have questions or need more information, we're here and ready to assist!

The next cohort starts on March 13, 2024!


Willing to start now? Or later?

Whether you're eager to start right away or considering future opportunities, we're here to accommodate your schedule and needs. Just drop us an email at this address and we'll be in touch!

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